How did mechanical-watch king Rolex deal with the arrival of quartz in the 1970s? What follows is an excerpt from the book Electrifying the Wristwatch, by WatchTime contributor Lucien Trueb. The replica watches book, illustrated with photos of pieces from watch collectors Gunther Ramm and Peter Wenzig, tells how quartz-watch technology evolved. Andre Heiniger, second Rolex president and cheap fake rolex successor of the founder Hans Wilsdorf, was a true visionary. His opinion was that the originally very costly quartz watch would soon be totally banal. This already had happened with transistor radios, TV sets, and pocket calculators. Top-quality mechanical movements would always remain expensive and exclusive due to the large amount of highly qualified rolex replica labor that is required for manufacturing the parts and assembling them. The inescapable fact that a mechanical device can only tell time approximately could be easily hidden by writing Superlative Chronometer, Officially Certified on the dial. This means a daily rate of plus-six seconds per day. In due time, every watch brand in the replica watches uk upscale sector copied Heiniger's concept. Wealthy people don't need an instrument that tells time: they want a beautiful and exclusive object on their wrist.


Where you need to provide both a stage platform and a canopy with weatherproof back and side covers, SSVL have the solution. The illustrated stage is 24ft long x 16ft wide. The Canopy is 25ft x 17ft and comes with sides and front skirt. Supplied with 2 x stage steps and has advertising space across the front of the stage canopy as well as on the stage skirt. Advertising banners can be attached via Velcro strips.

The staging and truss combination can be constructed in many shapes and sizes, wings can be added for PA speaker racks or to house vision screens for live feedback camera shots or promotional DVD’s. The surrounding trussing, canopy and side wings also provide advertising space for you or your event partners to ensure your message is being seen before, during and after the main event is being staged.

This stage is ideal for small to medium festivals or promotional performances.