Alicia Vikander's new Louis Vuitton Cruise campaign has dropped. The Swedish actress was shot by photographer Patrick Demarchelier in Brazil's vibrant city Rio de Janeiro, showing off holiday worthy clothes and bags. Posing on a deserted beach, Alicia stuns in a variety of monochrome outfits, including a black mulberry outlet and white top teamed with a belted short skirt. Posing between palm trees, Alicia gazes at the camera with an embroidered Twist bag from the fashion house draped over her shoulder. In another image, the 28-year-old is captured on the beach's shoreline in a white crop top and high-waisted shorts combo, with an orange and blue cheap oakley sunglasses version of the Twist, complete with the LV twistable emblem. Other shots see the Ex Machina star at Rio De Janeiro's Niteroi Contemporary Art Museum holding a Capucine bag, wearing another stomach grazing white replica louis vuitton two-piece. She was confirmed as the new face of the luxury label in 2015, and has remained loyal to Louis Vuitton ever since. Throughout the 2016 awards season, which saw Alicia pick up her first cheap ugg boots Oscar for The Danish Girl, Alicia stuck to a wardrobe designer by the French luxury brand. When it comes to red carpet dressing, Alicia never puts a fashion foot wrong and has admitted that her outfit choices are all her own.


SSVL can offer projector and 42” LCD screen packages to play or emphasise sponsors promotional video, logos or slogans, advertisers products or location support group information or web sites, before, during and or after the staged event.  This ensures that all your clients messages and advertising are clearly placed in front of the audience.

Client images, video or CD shows should be forwarded to our offices 5 days before the event to ensure they can be displayed via the equipment.

If you need a presentation compiling, details, images and content needs to be provided 14 days before the event, to allow our visual design team time to compose the show. .

These will generally be put together in either MS PowerPoint or .pdf graphics. The cost of creating a rolling show will depend on content and number of images needed to be processed.  Prices start at £100 for ½ day compilation and production time